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Nerdgibbler's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Nov. 20, 1996
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
United States
Last Broadcast:
28 minutes
Body Type:
A little chunky ;3
Smoke / Drink:
I will be smoking in most alll my videos, lovelies
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Hey, we're playing Kim's Krazy dice, tip 6, 8, or 20, depending on what you want to roll, prizes vary from boob flashes, to spanks, to full on fingering! But be careful, as with a nat20, there is also a nat1 which could be disastrous for our climaxes, or even end up putting all my clothes back on. Will you play safe, or do you too, like to live dangerously? ;D

Read all prizes here:

How to play:
d6: Safe and cool prizes
Tip 6tkns to roll d6
1- Kisses
2. Do a dance <3
3. Ass Flash
4. Tell a lame ass joke
5. Boob flash
6. Put on some lotion (hey they cant all be winners)

d8: Better prizes, but a little risky, for there are some bad rolls
tip 8tks to roll a d8
1. Take off piece of clothing
2. Flash pussy
3. Put ON a clothing piece
4. Show misionary position
5. Losing roll, I hate those!
6. Squeeze boobs
7. Tell a secret fantasy
8. Blow job tease ;D

d20: Go big or go home! Amazing prizes, but is it worth putting all my clothes back on? Good luck! :O
Tip20tks to roll a d20
1. You died to a level 1 Mage who used a cantrip on you. The DM is frustrated at your lack of expierience, throw him in the dungeon! Better luck next time! (Scrub)
2. Put on all your clothes
3. Shake Ass
4. Roll again
5. Ride into victory! On my Nora!
6. Clit play for 30 seconds
7. You rolled a 7 on perception and failed to see a goblin standing right in front of you, take 3 points of Blue Balls Damage and win nothing!
8. Spank Ass 3 time
9. Suck on tits, wish I had a longer tongue.
10. You notice the rouges boobs bouncing playfully as she rides on the carriage. Nice!
11. Show doggie style position!
12. Finger Pussy
13. All the fair lady's clothing was ripped to shreds!
14.The Bard sings a terrible tune. Yikes. Wish you would have used that standard action for silence.
15. Roll again!
16. Slap pussy 3 times
17. Walking through a forest, you hear enemies on the brink, hearing the moaning of your fallen comrade from the bush, you look into see him!...getting head from a gnome, they were both standing up straight too, weird. Win head show, and...some experience point and a +2 to intelligence
18. Roll again?
19. This is it, the finally dungeon, the cleric, bard, and rouge are dead, defeated and injured from battle, you find a good place to rest for the night step on a thorn, Take 2 damage, and oops that's dead, baby. Better luck next time :C *Plz dont rage and leave room bb i love you*
20. CONGRATULATIONS! NAT20 BB! You've defeated to village of Elves and if return for you bravery the high priest allowd for to fondle his daughter! Any prize from any of the lists and an honorable mention on my sc code ;D

Thanks to everyone that is playing, I've got my nora in so all tips will also make it vibrate! Good luck, everyone!


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